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1. All Home Inspectors Are Not the Same.
Your home is generally the biggest investment you have, would you want to leave that to just anyone? Not all inspectors have the same experience or training. If you required an operation you wouldn't want to leave that to any doctor available or go with the one with the cheapest rates? It is the same with home inspections. After 18+ years in business, I still have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and countless satisfied customers.

2. We Do Not Do Instant Reports.
It is in everyone’s best interest that we take our time and are extremely thorough. Quick doesn’t mean better. It could mean trouble for all involved. Beware of inspectors who issue reports on site. How much consideration was placed into your report document? There are those who will collect their fees, issue a report and are down the road, end of story. A good inspector takes his or her time and should spend adequate time on each element of the on site inspection and a sufficient amount of time on the report before issuing it to the customer.

3. We Welcome You to be Present at Time of Inspection.
An inspector who does not want a client present during the inspection is only thinking about getting done quickly and not thinking about the best interest of the client. We work for you and want you to completely understand any problems we might find. We welcome the customer to be on location at the time of the inspection. You will learn so much more by explanation in person as compared reading the information on a sheet of paper. Also, we can show you where all the main shut-offs are (gas, water electric) in case of emergency down the road.

4. We Are Committed to a Lasting Business Relationship.
Being in business as long as we have, we have had the privilege of inspecting several homes for families as they grow and expand or need to move and downsize. We want to be your go to inspection company for all your inspection needs.

5. We Pay Attention to Detail.
This is definitely one of the most important qualities anyone shopping for an inspector should be looking for. This comes before experience, or even price. An inspector who is in a hurry or one who may not be properly trained could miss big problems that could possibly turn your dream home into a money pit. At Haney Realty Inspection, we feel it is best for everyone involved in the buying or selling of the home for us to be thorough and detailed.

Some important things to remember about home inspection reports.
• No home is perfect. It is not uncommon for a report to include 50 or more issues.
• This is not “pass” or “fail.” The inspection gives you the information you need to decide whether or not to buy the home “as is” or negotiate with the seller to either fix (some of) the problems or reduce the price.
• This is not a warranty. The report identifies issues found the day of inspection and cannot predict problems that may arise a few months or a few days down the road.

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